FileMaker Licenseing and Upgrades

When it comes to FileMaker Licenses, users have two choices: an annual subscription, or an upfront payment that comes with an annual maintenance fee. Both versions require licenses, but developers aren’t always able to tell when it’s time to renew. Users can overlook the expiration date, putting them at a disadvantage when the date suddenly sneaks up on them. By working with Kyo Logic, developers will never be surprised by an expired license that puts projects on hold, in addition to the following benefits:

  • Avoid committing to unnecessary updates.
  • Improve their abilities to develop FileMaker solutions.
  • Keep their current version of FileMaker up to company standards.
  • Minimize data loss during a migration or modernization.
  • Prevent further issues with pre-emptive maintenance.
  • Reduce redundant files by creating a streamlined, consolidated system.
  • Save time and effort by trusting an official reseller.

Obtaining a license can be complicated, depending on the version of FileMaker being used and how many computers will be accessing the official server. Companies with fewer than 250 users are likely best suited to a single FileMaker Server license, but they may also need to purchase multiple FileMaker Pro licenses. In addition, the company may need to change the type of licensing program it’s currently enrolled in during use for the best results.

It’s in the developer’s best interest to get strong consultation as they continue their work. Contact Kyo Logic today for more information on how we can help keep your projects on track and constantly improving.

“The new features are awesome!  Thank you so much, saves so much time and effort.  You’re The Man!” –Suzanne Furrow (Belpointe Asset Management)