FileMaker Training

FileMaker may be easy to learn and use, but sometimes you need extra help to develop your skills. Not only is the software diverse, it can change as new updates and features appear. Whether you work for a non-profit organization, a school or your own small business, you may need professional guidance to successfully make the most of what FileMaker has to offer. Avoid overspending on costly development by investing in an effective solution that leave you and your workforce ready to use the software in the future.

Kyo Logic offers two services for FileMaker education: Coaching and Training. While they can go hand in hand, there are some important differences between the two.

Coaching will help individual owners to:

  • develop FileMaker database skills on a one-on-one basis.
  • gain the skills needed for future development
  • get custom instruction based on their schedule and experience
  • learn best practices for software use

Training applies to small groups and helps users:

  • hone practical skills for FileMaker implementation
  • prepare for the use of specific individual systems
  • work with the software firsthand for truly useful knowledge
  • understand the essential basics of FileMaker as well as the newest functions
  • Both of these services can take place onsite for the employer’s convenience. They can also make up for any areas in FileMaker you may have missed when first learning how to use it. It’s not uncommon for businesses to come to FileMaker on their own. Although this means they’re more likely to jump into using it, owners can also get far into personal business development without picking up important information about it.

Why get training or coaching? The risks of opting out 

If you think you know everything there is to know about FileMaker, think again. Unless you suddenly need to do something complex, you might not realize how much there is to do within the platform and its related solutions. You also risk running into some of these problems:

● Ignoring the full FileMaker potential: There could be a far more efficient way to accomplish your current system functions than you know. Looking more closely into what this system can provide stands to help you revolutionize your standard work processes.

● Lack of system use: Without the proper knowledge and experience, you and your employees could end up leaving much of FileMaker’s capabilities untouched.

● Low ROI: By working with an experienced consultant, you come away with more usable knowledge and the chance to make every dollar you spend on FileMaker and related solutions count. Since tablets and other mobile devices can be expensive, ensure that you’ll handle implementation on these new devices properly.

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“Tim – wanted to thank you for your presentation on Calculations last week at DevCon, and for taking the time to answer my questions afterward.  Yours was hands down the most useful session I’d had this year; not only did I learn about a number of functions new to me, but the under-the-hood behaviors and creative uses were numerous in my a-ha moments for the week. As a result, I’m motivated to not only improve my solutions in innumerable ways, but also to try to be a positive influence on the Developer community as soon as my skills allow it.“ (Long but can pull form it) – Greg Price

FileMaker Training Series