FileMaker Server Maintenance

FileMaker Server Maintenance

Over time, your company’s server will need care to stay secure and efficient. FileMaker thrives off of customization, and this can extend to the services you use to keep the server up to date. The more expertise you bring to this process, the better the results, and Kyo Logic has more than a decade of experience working with various aspects of FileMaker, including server addressing needs.

Our services offer the benefit of monitoring it with a dedicated staff of IT professionals. We work with your schedule to perform important tasks based on when they will cause the least inconvenience for your staff. Doing this without the proper knowledge can be costly, time- intensive and possibly dangerous, so trust us to manage the server update issues you may not even know you need.

Kyo Logic’s server maintenance tasks will help optimize the server and the way FileMaker runs on it. Some examples of what we can do for you include:

Apply server OS updates: Keeping the server OS in line with current industry expectations is crucial to maintaining consistency. The OS may also be relatively complex, requiring extra work.

Apply FileMaker server updates: FileMaker’s server software can provide easy data access, and Kyo Logic will make sure you always can do so.

Apply 3rd party software updates (Java/Bonjour/SuperContainer): Worry less about additional programs you’re running on top of the server OS. We will anticipate everything you need and ensure all software gets the updates they need.

Verify FileMaker backups: You may have set up a regular schedule for FileMaker backups, we can give confirmation that the databases are safely copied.

Backup FileMaker schedules: We can make sure that schedules are in-sync and accurate so the operations they correspond to are as well.

Archive current files and clones of current files:

Reboot server: We will handle this so you don’t risk losing time or system functions during business hours.

Inspect FileMaker server logs

Verify disk usage

Usage report: Get more information on data statistics for your records when we give you an assessment.

Work with Kyo Logic for expert opinions on the services that will keep your server in high working order. You can contact our office directly at (203) 221-3033, or email us at for more information.