FileMaker Development

FileMaker users want support that fits naturally with the software itself. The solution is designed to be easily accessible and usable across multiple platforms, including mobile devices with FileMaker Go. Once they’ve learned about how to use the essentials of this system, the next step for companies is to find a software development company that has the expertise to guide you through important projects.

Kyo Logic is a Platinum certified FileMaker consultant, with at least two developers certified for every version of the program from FileMaker 7 to FileMaker 14. This means we follow the organization’s specific rules and best practices for software use. Clients that work with us can trust that we know multiple editions of FileMaker intimately and can offer multiple ways to strategically improve platform use. You can read more about our credentials on the official FileMaker website.

Seamless Mobile Integration

Communication between different kinds of devices is an important aspect of modern business development, and FileMaker is promoting this with its FileMaker Go app. In addition to Windows and Mac computers, organizations now have the option to extend the service’s uses to iPhones and iPads, perfect for sharing data while keeping field workers connected to the “central hub.” This is a key part of FileMaker’s offerings, and to make the most of it, businesses should engage with consultants that can help them handle large, disseminated workforces. Our clients can expect improved connectivity and productivity once we start working with them, as well as customization to allow them to adjust the solution explicitly for their enterprise needs. Whether they need real-time reporting or help setting up a specific interface style, our consulting services will perfectly fit those businesses that need to improve their current skills with FileMaker and move forward with new projects.

Modernize With Ease

Adapting to changing trends requires your business to not just heed new technology, but the old as well. FileMaker users can export older data into commonly read file formats and prepare them for further access on new devices through the platform. Professionals with FileMaker expertise will help companies feel at home in the new system, no matter how much exposure to it they’ve already had.

Kyo Logic’s developers are all in-house specialists with engineering experience who will improve the coordination in essential business systems. Once this is established, users can also learn how to add further devices to the same platform easily so they can avoid issues with compatibility or transferring files.

Contact us today to learn more about our pricing plan and development services. By visiting our contact page, you can get in touch with us through email or phone, or submit an official message using our inquiry form.

I have to tell you; we love this program.  It is working really well and I appreciate all of the time and effort you have put in making it better and better.  It really makes my life so much more organized. – Jay Salem (Sunspaces Awnings)