Case Studies

We have implemented solutions for many different organizations of all types and sizes that range from small local businesses to departments within large financial institutions. These solutions include consulting, one-on-one training, and custom software solutions for both FileMaker and web applications.



Suzuki Music Schools of Westport and Orange

A normal school has a litany of planning difficulties. Making sure that every student is accounted for and that each teacher is properly scheduled is an administrative hurdle even when there are 25 children in every lesson. It’s no wonder, then, that the Suzuki Music Schools of Westport and Orange faced a monumental logistical task: each of their teachers gives one to one instruction to students, meaning that coordinating everything seamlessly required a creative and tailored solution.




Med-Essentials is an organization that delivers crucial wound care equipment to care facilities, especially those serving senior citizens. Facing logistics challenges and a lack of insight into business activities, Med Essential’s Bruce Van Berkum reached out to Kyo Logic. Van Berkum has said one of the best aspects of working with Kyo Logic is how professional and detail-oriented their team is, thoroughly testing every last aspect of a system before implementation. This eliminated the frustrations Med-Essentials had experienced while working with other developers in the past, and helped save resources through costly post-deployment bug fixing and error correction.


Plowshare Group

Today, the Plowshare Group is the second largest distributor of public service advertising in the United States. Located in Stamford, Connecticut, Plowshare Group first began working with Kyo Logic in 2002.

According to Tom Derreaux of the Plowshare Group, Kyo Logic has always been extremely accommodating, whether that means answering calls after hours or making themselves available whenever something needs to be done. There are issues that need to be looked at as soon as possible, and Kyo Logic understands this, making themselves readily available. In addition to such accessibility, Kyo Logic is always great at adapting to new offerings in technology, making suggestions as to how something could be improved upon or done even better.


The Caboose, LLC

The Caboose LLC is an international mail order and internet retailer that specializes in the creation and distribution of brass model trains. The company has been in business for nearly three decades, always taking reservations for future models. The Caboose LLC sells new and previously owned brand models, whether they are in a collection or is an individual piece. There is also an eBay service available for customers, as well as a consignment aspect to the business.