About Us

Kyo Logic’s goal is to change the way you think about FileMaker Pro development projects. Our skills and knowledge have allowed us to build powerful and effective software solutions in a shorter amount of time than most of our clients expect. Additionally, our development costs are often far below the average customer’s initial projections.
We are able to do this because of our commitment to efficiency, which we have been able to perfect due to years of experience using FileMaker and understanding all of its functionality. We have been in business since 2002 and our staff members have over 25 years of combined experience.

Located in Southern Connecticut, our realm of service extends to major metropolises such as Boston and New York City. We work in a myriad of industries, helping businesses create software systems strong enough to handle all of their data management needs. Our certified developers have a full knowledge of the best practices pertaining to FileMaker development and we share those with our clients and other developer groups in the area in an attempt to create a stronger community of FileMaker users.

In addition to creating dynamic systems for our clients, our services include webinars, speaking engagements, educational opportunities and workshops. While our primary focus is to share knowledge of FileMaker with attendees, we use each event as an opportunity to learn as well, so that we can take any obtained knowledge back to the office with us and use it to become a better development firm.